Why colon hydrotherapy?
My major concern is my skin. I’ve been having really bad breakout for the last two years. I was spending a lot of money, thousands just seeing dermatologist. I had tried almost everything type of cream (name it and I almost know every pimple or skincare). I even had injection for glutathione and vitamin C just to improve my skin. Yes, it did work for a while, but my skin will breakout again. I had almost given up hope of improving my skin when but it came to my mind that It’s not the outer layer that I need to treat. I should get to the root problems in order to cure it. Looking through the internet, I found Pure Detox and their detox treatment and decided to give it try after the consultation.

How I felt after the treatment?

I felt lighter and can see a lot of toxin discharged from inside my body. After few days I can see the result to my skin. I’ll be honest here; the result will not be seen in one or two day for the first treatment. Continuous treatment is needed to see the good result and I’m not regretting doing this treatment.

The pictures attached show the result. You will never believe if you see/met me two months ago and seeing me now. It’s totally different. This picture is the original picture (no edit, no filter, and no camera 360) I hope this review and testimonial will help people who are trying to find a solution for a better skin.
I had completed my 5 sessions of colon hydrotherapy and seeing that my skin is improving every day plus losing 5cm on my waist, I am purchasing another five 5 sessions for coffee enema to detox my liver.

Shazana Mohd Shaid
Damansara Perdana