I came across Pure Detox when I was exploring on the internet for a solution for my prolonged constipation problem. I was previously advised by a medical doctor to undergo colonoscopy to check the condition of my colon. However I was reluctant as to the possible side effects of the said procedure.

After consulting Michael and Lily, I was convinced that hydrotherapy would be a good alternative to ease my problem. I was also advised to undergo coffee enema to detox my liver.

After going through the entire process, I was amazed with the amount of faeces that was released. Even during coffee enema, I was still releasing a lot faeces which is not the norm.

I feel good that I was able to cleanse my colon in a safe and easy manner.

As an added bonus, I even reduced 10 cm on my upper abdomen and 8 cm on my lower abdomen after completing the therapies.

Thanks Pure Detox!

Suseela Lachumanan