5 sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy and 5 sessions of Coffee Enema Therapy with Far Infrared Sauna

Name: JN (Female), age: 30+

Before cleansing, I had an addictive type of bad habits for coffee, alcohol and overeating. I was having a bloated tummy, moody and a lack of energy. So I knew it’s time for me to detox my body.

It was a coincident that my friend, Lim H.S. came to persuade me to join her for the Colon Hydrotherapy (CH). I was somewhat apprehensive about the procedure. But after I meeting up with Lily, the colon therapist from Pure Detox, she explained every step of the procedure. I was relieved that her facilities are clean, comfortable with privacy. I decided to give myself a try after listening to Lily’s sharing of her past 8 years experience and knowledge.

I signed up for Colon Hydrotherapy (CH) and Coffee Enema (CE) with recommended supplements diet by Lily, hoping that these treatments can improve my health and lifestyle.

After my first session, I felt empty and light! Other sessions followed, especially the CE, I changed my eating habits with just one cup of coffee every day as compared to the past it was few cups, more vegetables and fruits and also increased my water consumption.

A few weeks later, my tummy got smaller, I feel more energetic, refreshed and healthier. Besides that, my bonus after both therapies was I have reduced weight & 13cm off my tummy!!!

I will definitely recommend this to my friends, because the therapies really work!