Many people – again, almost all of them women – experience degrees of difficulty with their bowels that they wouldn’t really describe as “constipation” but which still cause them quite a lot of bother. Such symptoms might be abdominal bloating and discomfort, a feeling of abdominal fullness and even heaviness or the need to strain to effect a bowel action.

In some cases it is more of a tendency to develop constipation in specific circumstances only, perhaps associated with travel or when there is a change of lifestyle such as a new diet or a new job. Alternatively, your complaint might be that you need to be especially vigilant with diet, ensuring that a constant fibre intake is maintained to avoid becoming blocked; or that you need to take laxatives from time to time, quite literally to “unblock”.

The large intestine is approximately 5 feet long and is equipped with sensitive nerves and muscles in the wall lining. Their function is to create wavelike motions, known as peristaltic waves, these propel the contents of the colon from the cecum to the rectum for eventual evacuation.

During Colon Hydrotherapy, the weight of the water will stimulate the sensitive nerves and muscles in the wall lining of the colon to produce peristaltic waves.

In other words, going for Colon Hydrotherapy is like giving your colon a physical workout, to improve its efficiency to propel contents of the colon to the rectum for eventual evacuation.

There is such as thing called a “a lazy colon”. Regular colon hydrotherapy sessions had been proven to provide relief to ladies who often suffers from abdominal bloating and a sluggish colon.