Newlife Pure Raw Honey is New Zealand Honey at its very best : raw, natural, and full bodied.

The hives are located in the lush pastures of the Clean Air, Nuclear & Pollutant free islands of New Zealand.

The honey is prepared naturally.

No chemicals are used in the removal of honey from the hives.

100% Pure Natural Raw Honey.

Produced by New Zealand


Raw honey is produced by bees foraging and eating fertilizer as in comparison towards the simple sugar syrup that a lot of commercial and bigger beekeepers feed their bees to be able to satisfy the production demand. Raw honey which has more fructose means it’s more pollen.

Raw honey is next for many extra sweetness but in addition for all the trace nutrition.

Raw honey consists of 22 proteins, 27 minerals along with a spectrum of vitamins, together with honeycomb, anti-oxidants and 5,000 live enzymes. Raw honey can also be filled with catalase enzymes which assist the body fight toxins. These along with other enzymes present in honey get destroyed when the honey is heated to a lot more than 104 F to advertise faster extraction in the comb.

Raw honey consists of all of the natural aspects of raw honey including minerals, pollen, proteins, vitamins, live enzymes, propolis, and anti-oxidants which are considered essential permanently health.

Raw honey is preferred over processed honey for the similar reasons raw veggies are preferred over cooked veggies. Vitamins, nutrition and enzymes advantageous towards the body can be found and simply merged from raw honey. Processed honey (honey that’s been heated over 119 levels) has already established these natural nutrition destroyed prior to the honey comes complete within the jar.

It’s discovered to be an incredible antiseptic, and it has skin healing qualities. It’s vitamins C, D, E, some B vitamins, and anti-oxidants that keep your body healthy. Allergy relief is located on local honey simply because they retain the same irritants that are affecting people. People make use of this after doing allergy testing and uncover pollen because the primary reason for their reaction. (Disclaimer : ***this result may vary to each individual person***)

Raw Honey is not strained or pasteurized (heated to high temps) it’s removed and washed utilizing a settling tank at room temperature. Raw honey consists of many of the dietary worth of raw honey, but sometimes it’s strained to get rid of contaminants of pollen, wax and propolis. Frequently, it’s creamed to really make it more appealing. Raw honey will end up granular very rapidly, and could separate within the jar using the liquid fructose rising up and granular glucose sinking towards the bottom.

Raw honey combined with lemon, when consumed regularly, helps convert the gathered body fat into functional energy and lowers extra weight. Raw honey does apply being an cream on diabetic stomach problems and skin illnesses like eczema . Raw honey is a superb moisturizer in it for dried-out skin and therefore employed for facial treatment. Rub lightly, one teaspoon of raw honey with lukewarm water, in your face daily and you can acquire a soft and glowing skin inside a week. Technology-not only even when the skin is acne prone, as raw honey includes a healing impact on the acne.

Raw honey could be maintained with no artificial help also it can act as a great preservative too. Every day, you are able to take two teaspoons of raw fresh honey with tepid to warm water or combine it with your morning tea too. Despite a lot of health advantages of raw honey, it’s not great for babies below age twelve months. The reason being, a particular bacteria botulinum endospores can be found in honey naturally, which could cause infection within the digestive tract from the child his or her immunity isn’t developed enough to prevent the development of the bacteria.