Testimonial from our customer and neighbour Ms Wong Poh Li owner of “Love at First Bite” restaurant in TTDI regarding her father’s skin problem.
Ms Wong Poh Li, owner of Love at First Bite

One of the things I did was to undergo a course of 5 colon hydrotherapy sessions and 5 coffee enema sessions with Lily at Pure Detox. Baby Kyra was conceived just 3 months later.
Li Yen

Yang paling mengembirakan saya, ukurun perut saya telah turun sebanyak 10 cm!
Analiz Fazilah

The therapy was the answer; I recovered miraculously with no issues with any bowel movement any longer.

You will never believe if you saw/met me two months ago and seeing me now. It’s totally different.
Shazana Mohd Shaid

I felt a tremendous shift in energy after going through the 5 sessions. On the last session, I truly understood why it was necessary to do 5 sessions to completely clear whatever unnecessary debris there was in my colon.
Li Yen

My bonus after the 5 treatments is losing 9 cm off my abdominal.
Carol Jacobson

All my friends and family members commended on my rosy cheeks and flatter mid section. I’ve never felt this good for a long, long time.
Matthew Leong

After completing my 5 sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy at Pure Detox, I feel much lighter and my fingers were healed.
Christina Prema

I encourage everyone to go for Colon Hydrotherapy. It will be one of the best and most rewarding things you will ever do to improve your well-being. I highly recommend Pure Detox’s fantastic service.
Sharon Chang

I reduced a total of 7 lbs and 7 cm off my upper waist in 1 week!
Kam Wai Peng

To my shocking surprise, a huge amount of waste came out and on the 3rd day, I was shocked to find this!
Ms Tan

A few weeks later, my tummy got smaller, I feel more energetic, refreshed and healthier. Besides that, my bonus after both therapies was I have reduced weight & 13cm off my tummy!!!

The attention of the Colon Hydrotherapist, she’s is absolutely amazing and you are treated with the utmost care and professionalism.
Anna Christina Morawski

As a result, I reduced 16 cm on my abdominal after both Colon Hydrotherapy & Coffee Enema with a brighter & rosy skin tone.
Lim. H.S

Disclaimer : ***this result may vary to each individual person***