It took me 5 years to gather the courage to try out colon hydrotherapy treatment since I first read about it in Norman Walker’s book “Colon Health”. I was convinced by the benefits of this therapy but I simply kept putting it off. Only when I wanted to start a family did I gave it some serious consideration. My goal is to be in the best shape possible so that my baby will have a healthy home to be in for the 9 months of gestation. Ideally, I want to pass on only positive energy to my child, not toxins accumulated over the years.

After the initial consultation, I signed up for the 5 session course. Lily, being an experienced practitioner was very clear in her instructions which made the session comfortable and relaxing.

I felt a tremendous shift in energy after going through the 5 sessions. On the last session, I truly understood why it was necessary to do 5 sessions to completely clear whatever unnecessary debris there was in my colon. I was a little sceptical initially because I have done a lot of other detox regimes – the liver cleanse, long periods of fasting, juice fasts, coffee enemas at home. However, colon hydrotherapy indeed gives the colon a thorough cleanse which the other cleanses didn’t.

My face became brighter as freckles and dark spots lighten. I felt lighter because there was less water retention in my body. There was also emotional clearing after every session – I could feel emotions associated with past experiences being cleared from my system. My waistline is 9 cm smaller after clearing accumulated debris in colon. I wake up in the morning 100% energised and no longer feel the previous sluggishness as I did in the past (despite my no-nonsense, home-cooked diet and regular exercise regime).

Lily, thank you for the amazing opportunity to rejuvenate myself! I now encourage my loved ones, friends and also clients to give themselves a gift of a course of colon hydrotherapy at Pure Detox because of the countless number of benefits it provides.

Warm wishes,
Li Yen