Another problem found in the colon is intestinal seepage or leakage. This problem stems from a history of poor food combining or a diet lacking vital digestive enzymes normally found in good quality organic and natural foods. This enzyme absence over works the intestinal glands in their attempt to process the food.

Over an extended period the colon lacks the chemistry needed to maintain cellular equilibrium causing toxic materials and parasites to seep out into other tissues, organs, and body systems. And finally, with it’s weakened cellular walls, the colon becomes vulnerable for any disease process that comes along.

Compounding this problem is the wide spread over-use and misuse of drugs, and vaccinations which further weaken our bodies and invite germs, viruses, and parasites to populate and thrive.

When we treat a condition caused by toxicity, such as colds, flu or acute diseases with aspirin, antihistamines, antibiotics, we only suppress the removal of toxins in the body that are trying to be eliminated,while the “medications” themselves additionally complicate the process,making problems worse.

When this problem escapes into the bloodstream, it becomes systemic. That is to say; it now affects all body areas.