Our entire body is made up of a community of 100 trillion cells. Astonishingly, only 10 trillion are human. The remaining 90 trillion are all bacteria. They reside in our intestines, our very own “gut flora”. Many of these bacteria are vital to our health, but some can harm us. There are between 500 to 1,000 different strains of varying species of bacteria, both good and bad.

Good Gut Bacteria

The most common benefit of good gut bacteria is that they improve digestion and help us absorb nutrients. However, they also protect the gut – and the rest of the body – from disease causing bad bacteria, fungi and parasites. These little guys are largely responsible for for our immune system and work hard to boost our immunities. They also assist carbohydrate and fat digestion, and synthesise the vitamins B and K

Most strikingly, recent research has discovered that probiotics can work on the mind, relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, schizophrenia, ADHD and autism.

Who would have thought the humble bacteria was so helpful?

Bad Gut Bacteria

Maintaining our good gut bacteria is a delicate operation as bad gut bacteria can thrive so easily thanks to our modern lifestyle, and become dominant. Factors such as antibiotic use, illness, medication and a poor diet high in sugar, fructose and bad fats all feed bad bacteria.

Bad gut bacteria is responsible for for tummy bugs, poor digestion, symptoms of IBS, low immunity , mood disorders, candida, skin conditions, asthma, food allergies, coeliac disease, increased risk of cancer – the list goes on, making it more important to KEEP THE GOOD GUT BACTERIA IN CONTROL.

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