A number of years ago fifty-seven of the leading physicians of Britain met in London and discussed before the Royal Society of Medicine this problem of autointoxication caused by a toxic colon. Autointoxication is defined as “the poisoning of the body, or some part of the body, by toxic matter generated therein.” Twenty-two (22) poisons were identified as originating in a toxic colon.

These are some of the many types of poisons which can be found in a toxic colon. Some of these poisons are highly active and may produce the most detrimental effects — even in very small quantities.

In many cases, these toxins can seep out of the colon to poison the rest of the body. Here are just a few examples of how these toxic poisons can affect your health:

Weaken and stress your heart
Go into your skin to cause blemishes and paleness
Psoriasis, liver spots, wrinkles, and other facial conditions
Irritate your lungs and cause foul breath
Go to your brain and disturb mental function and cause senility
Go into your joints and cause pain and stiffness
Go into your muscles and cause weakness and severe fatigue
Rob you of your youth, ruin your health and cause you to become old before your time