7 days Colon Hydrotherapy and Slimming Treatments

Name : Anna Christina Morawski
Age : 17

Before my detoxification treatment, I was quite apprehensive as to the procedure and restricted eating. However, while I was doing the treatment I found out that it wasn’t uncomfortable at all!

The colon hydrotherapy is an amazing treatment that I encourage anyone – all ages – to undergo. Subsequent to the treatment, your body feels inwardly clean and rejuvenated.

I personally reduced about 6.6 lbs and 7 cm off my waist within 1 week!

In addition my skin was healthier, I felt full of energy, and had an overall good feeling. I strongly recommend this procedure to all these people that like me, wanted to easily reduce weight and feel an overall sensation of cleanliness and freshness.

Further more, the attention of the Colon Hydrotherapist, she’s is absolutely amazing and you are treated with the utmost care and professionalism. It also doesn’t hurt that the post-treatment juice is incredibly scrumptious.