7 days Colon Hydrotherapy and Slimming program

Name : Kam Wai Peng, age: 30+

I’m Wai Peng, about a month ago, I signed up for the colon hydrotherapy program and never regretted doing so. I’ve heard of this detoxification program more than five years ago but was skeptical then due to the method being used for the cleansing process especially the hygiene aspect of it.

When Pure Detox started this program, I did some reading on the website and was interested to find out more. After looking at the machine and considering its benefits, I was eager to give it a try.

The other reason that led me into trying this out is the increasing amount of people having cancer, high blood pressure, etc.

Before the program, I was having pain at the joints of my fingers and suffered from headaches and migraines very often. The pain at my joints subsided and I’ve not had any headaches or migraines ever since completing the therapy. I feel so much more energised now.

I reduced a total of 7 lbs and 7 cm off my upper waist in 1 week!