I was introduced to Colon Hydrotherapy through my family. I have been practicing home coffee enema for a few years due to a sudden loss of color pigmentation on my forehead back then, which the doctor diagnosed as ‘Vitiligo’. From then on, I strived to work towards a living healthier lifestyle to control the ‘Vitiligo’.

Since I did home coffee enema, I was thinking Colon Hydrotherapy might be somewhat similar. To my shocking surprise, a huge amount of waste came out and on the 3rd day, I was shocked to find this!

Warning : Image may be offensive. Click here to see Ms Tan’s Colonic waste.

Oh my it’s WORMS and it was very disgusting! I then went on to Google for tape worms and trust me, if you see the videos and explanations; you will surely sign up for the 5 days Colon Hydrotherapy session!

After having gone through 5 sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy, my stomach feels so much lighter to the effect that I don’t crave to eat heavy meals anymore. I am a big fan of sweet stuffs but to my surprise, the cravings are gone. I read in the article that sometimes, it might be the worms living in us that are actually craving for the food!

Prior to the 5 Colon Hydrotherapy sessions, I had low blood pressure. But after the treatment, my blood pressure readings returned to normal. I also reduced 7 cm on my upper waist and 8 cm on my lower waist. It’s all due to those waste in my body!

Thanks to Pure Detox, I now have a healthy colon and can start to feed myself with good nutrients to ensure my body self-heals. Would really encourage for all to give Colon Hydrotherapy a try as nothing is more important than health! Do ring up Pure Detox!