Testimonial from our customer and neighbour Ms Wong Poh Li owner of “Love at First Bite” restaurant in TTDI regarding her father’s skin problem:

My father is 89 and, throughout his life, he has been blessed with good health.

About 3 years ago, he started to suffer from Psoriasis and, in time, it became increasingly severe whereby his skin turned red & raw due to constant scratching. At the merest touch, he would start to bleed.

He consulted numerous doctors and was put on a strict diet for months but it did not help much. The attacks were worse in the night and my father’s sleep was constantly interrupted.

When Lily & Michael explained to me that whatever treatment we sought would not be really effective unless we first removed the root cause of the problem i.e. the years of accumulated of toxins in his body, it suddenly made sense.

My father then signed for 5 sessions of colon hydrotherapy and 5 sessions of coffee enema with Pure Detox and, we are happy to report that his condition has improved dramatically. Not only is he able to sleep through the night, he is also able to enjoy his food again!! His skin is no longer raw and he is back to wearing short-sleeved shirts.

Added to that, he is able to go to the toilet daily after years of irregular bowel movement. All-in-all, my father is extremely happy with the results of his treatment and has been recommending this to his friends with similar problems. A big thank you to Lily & Michael from Pure Detox.

Mr Wong’s hand before treatment


Mr Wong’s hand after 5 sessions of Colon Cleanse.


Mr Wong’s hand after Colon Cleanse plus 5 sessions of Coffee Enema