Clogged, poorly functioning and sluggish colon often becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, disease and sickness.

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Through years of stress, lack of exercise, overeating, diets centered on refined foods, processed foods high in saturated fats, white sugar, white flour, preservatives, additives, low fibre have left our colons clogged up, and often unable to self-cleanse. All these poorly digested food pass through the intestinal tract sluggishly causing fermentation and putrefaction, which in turn produce toxins. These toxins are reabsorbed into the blood stream through the intestinal walls and poison our entire system.

In addition, ignoring the call of nature, toxic waste materials accumulate resulting to the colon being clogged up, plague accumulated and becomes putrid overtime, thus preventing proper absorption of nutrients.

THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLON HYDROTHERAPY (I-ACT) of USA describes colon hydrotherapy as a safe and effective method of removing waste from the large intestine without the use of drugs.